Since its founding, our Eccleciastical Artifacts Workshop has set as its clear objective to reveil and spread the Greek-Οrthodox art to the world, through the production of quality and value products.

In this effort we naturally approach you as the rightful heirs to the legacy of the holy Church tradition, for a fruitful acquaintance. All our products are of Byzantine and Russian art. The art of the Orthodox Church, in all its greatness, flourishes in our hands.

We have experience and tradition of forty (40) consecutive years; experienced technicians with excellent filotechnic and artistic performance; conscientious professionals who are knowledgeable of their art and of the object in hand.

Our artifacts are entirely of bronze, silver and gold. Whatever artifact you wish can be constructed. In our laboratory (Apollonos str., no 27, in Athens) you can find Ecclesiastical items like: all the sacred utensils, wood carvings, chandeliers, paintings, absorption systems (candelabra), pectoral crosses etc. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts and collaborate with us.

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